Want a flat stomach and don't have time to exercise? This is for YOU...

Discover the SIMPLE 30-Second Trick That Will Get YOU a Flatter Stomach, a Tighter Waist AND Reduce Your Back Pain FAST...

...All Without Killing
Yourself in the Gym!



You Read That Right...

And believe me, I know this "flatter abs in 30 seconds" thing sounds WAY too good to be true. So right now, I'm going to TELL you exactly how it's done and why it's FOR REAL.

My name is Nick Nilsson, and in the fitness world I'm known as the "Mad Scientist of Muscle" because I'm constantly experimenting and innovating new ways to get YOU results.

I don't follow the herd...I do what WORKS...and yeah, sometimes I'm a little nuts... ;)

(don't let the nickname scare you, though...I'm actually quite calm and friendly!)...



And I know this will make hard-core trainers kinda lose their minds but effective "flatter stomach" workouts can be done very quickly and very efficiently WITHOUT breaking a sweat, without PAIN...and without spending more than a few minutes a day doing them.


Having been a personal trainer for more than 19 years, I've helped thousands of everyday people just like you transform themselves with nothing more than simple exercises and workouts that don't hurt, don't exhaust you and can be done in the privacy of your own home.



Most "Flat Stomach" Products Are DESIGNED to Fail...

Not long ago, I was watching an informercial for some goofy-looking ab training gizmo....you know how it goes...

"Buy This blah-blah-blah for just 3 easy payments of $49.95 and you'll tone and tighten your tummy in just minutes a day!"

...and it hit me...

These products are really and truly DESIGNED to fail so they can sell you the NEXT fad thing after that!

At best, the VAST majority of this junk is unnecessary and ineffective. At worst, it can be flat-out DANGEROUS and even make your problems (like back pain) WORSE.

You get excited by the hype and buy it...and you might even use it for a few days or weeks.

Soon, though, the novelty wears off and the thing ends up stuffed under your bed or buried in your closet because the results just weren't there and you got BORED with it.



It's NOT your fault this stuff doesn't work...because honestly, if you want a flatter stomach, a tighter waist and less back pain...


You DON'T need fancy equipment to get the results you want...


You DON'T need to spend hours a day doing crunches and sit-ups...


And you DON'T need to do some insanely hard training program that makes you throw up all over your shoes...

All this stuff does is scare you away and make you think that exercise is brutally hard, expensive, time-consuming and not for you...

And I hate that because it's SO not true.


  Here's the OTHER big problem...

The crunches and sit-ups you've been TOLD to do are NOT working the right muscles to flatten your stomach...and they're making your back pain WORSE...

The more crunches and sit-ups you do, the stronger and tighter your "six-pack abs" get, right?

Well, those strong six-pack muscles are now continuously pulling your entire upper body FORWARD into a hunched-over position, even when you're just sitting there..

And this constant forward pull and hunched position is MURDER on your lower back.

So all those crunches and sit-ups you're doing to get a flatter stomach?...Yes, they're making your back pain worse.

And it makes me angry because I CONSTANTLY see trainers making their clients do hundreds and hundreds of crunches in their workouts, in an attempt to flatten their stomach.

They're literally CREATING more problems than they're fixing.



Now Here It Is...

Your 30-Second Trick For a Flatter Stomach...


Train your abs, 30 seconds at a time, regularly throughout the day.

That's it.

Like I said, super simple.

The key lies in HOW you train your abs during that time. You can't just drop to the floor and do crunches at work...(well, maybe you can, but it's generally frowned on).

Because in order for this to be something that you'll actually DO and stick to, you have to be able to use these ab exercises ANY TIME, ANY PLACE, without anybody even knowing that you're working your abs at all!

They have to be EFFECTIVE at targeting the specific muscles of your midsection that actually flatten your stomach and tighten your waist...and let me tell you, crunches and sit-ups ain't on that list!


Here's a quick and easy SAMPLE exercise to show you just how powerful this simple 30-second trick can be....


  • Right here where you're sitting I want you to set your left hand palm-down on the top of your desk or table...or heck, even just on your left knee.

  • Now I want you to push down HARD with your left hand and raise your left foot half an inch off the ground...literally just half an inch or less...just enough to get that foot off the ground.

  • Feel your stomach muscles tightening up?

  • Now HOLD that for 30 seconds.

  • Keep pushing down the entire time and keep your foot just slightly off the floor. Rest for another 30 seconds then repeat for 30 seconds pushing down with your RIGHT hand and raising your right foot slightly off the floor.

  • You're done.

And after doing this ONCE, your stomach will already feel tighter.

Now imagine doing something like this every hour or two regularly throughout the day...only when it's convenient and only when you're able to...all on your own clock.

Sound doable?

It's not that hard, right?

THESE are the kinds of exercises I'm talking about...


Now here's why crunches and sit-ups CAN'T and WON'T flatten your stomach...

If I said "Here's a roll of duct tape...I'll give you a million dollars if you can use this duct tape to make your stomach flatter and make your waist smaller. You can use it however you like."

What would you do?

Would you take the roll of duct tape and start putting tape on your stomach going from your lower chest down to your upper thighs so that the tape ran vertically up and down your body?

Of course not...

You'd start wrapping the duct tape AROUND YOUR WAIST like a corset, as tight as you could to make your belly smaller and tighter...which would also flatten your stomach.

Simple right?


Crunches and sit-ups only target the FRONT muscle of your stomach.

It's a thin strip of muscle that runs from your rib cage down to your pelvis.

The scientific name for this muscle is the Rectus Abdominis...you know it as the "six-pack abs."

If you look at the graphic to the left, you'll see that the muscle fibers run vertically... just like if you were running that duct tape from your lower chest to your thighs.

The muscles you actually WANT to work are the muscles that go AROUND your midsection like a corset... called the OBLIQUES.

The graphic to the left shows you the direction those muscle fibers run.

The obliques are deep muscles...they sit underneath your six-pack abs muscle and work to keep your stomach in and your waist and core tight.

THIS is how you want the duct tape to go...



So...30-Second Ab Workouts To
Make My Stomach Flatter...

What's the Catch?



Well, you'll notice in everything I've talked about here that I didn't say you're going to get "shredded six-pack abs."

The exercises I've got for you are designed to work WITH your body using your body AS the resistance. They'll tighten up your deep "stomach-tightening" abdominal muscles from the inside out...no equipment needed.

You WILL get a flatter stomach, tighter waist and a lot less back pain when you use them.

As good as they are for that, though, they don't burn a whole lot of calories on their own. If you want to actually SEE your abs, you have to lose the extra fat you're carrying through dietary changes and further exercise.


My goal with this ab workout system is NOT to get you a shredded six-pack in two weeks flat...that would be impossible.

I'm sure you know full well that it takes a LOT of work, effort, discipline and time to get results like THAT. I'm not going to lie to you.



My goal is to get you a FLATTER, TIGHTER STOMACH doing something that...


...is easy, effective and NOT overwhelming


...is FAST (taking only 30 seconds at a time)


...WORKS without making you massively overhaul your entire life.


...can be done ANYWHERE...even at your desk at the office with NOBODY even knowing you're doing it!

How Fast Will I See Results?

Within the first few days (and sometimes even on the very FIRST day!), you will start to notice a difference in yourself...

...how your clothes fit...how you carry yourself.

  ...And as you continue using this system, you will feel STRONGER.
  ...Your stomach will be flatter and your posture will be better so that you'll feel more confident and comfortable with yourself.
  ...Your back won't hurt as much so that you'll be able to move better and easier.


And all without killing yourself in the gym...

Now, I know that this all sounds too good to be true...but believe me, it's NOT.

I mean, how can a person get results like that without spending half their life exercising, right?

Well, let me tell you...beyond being known as the "Mad Scientist of Muscle," here's what makes ME the expert to get the job done for you.



I've been a certified personal trainer for more than 19 years and have helped literally THOUSANDS of people just like you improve their bodies and their lives.

  I have a degree in Physical Education covering advanced biomechanics, kinesiology, anatomy and physiology...I know EXACTLY how the body works, inside and out....and I know how to APPLY that knowledge to helping you get a flatter stomach.

  I have three published books on the shelves in actual bookstores like Barnes & Noble, alongside the biggest names in the business, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Oprah's trainer Bob Greene and "Biggest Loser" trainer Jillian Michaels.

  I've written articles for popular health and fitness magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Ironman Magazine, and many more.

I Look Younger!

Yes, for the first time in 20 years I'm proud of my body & I look younger than I did in my passport photo 15 years ago!!! Better still I am fitter, healthier & bendier!!! That's progress!!"

Lowri Elen Casimiro

Getting Looks From the Girls at 42!

Thanks to you, at nearly 42 years old, I've maintained and sculpted a 175 lb body that continues to get looks from girls and questions from guys about my training."

Mike Foster

I Thought I Had Seen It All!

Nick, First of all, THANK YOU for doing what you do. I've been training for 30+ years!! & have seen it all.....until I got a hold of you. You are awesome to say the least & I wish you much success. (I am passing the word around about you, hope it helps). Your #1 fan, lol"

Carol Falk

You Really Do Your Research!

Hi Nick, I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how effective your programs have been for me. I only follow the training advice of just a few people who really do their research, and you definitely fit into that category. Thanks Again!"

Jay Anderson

These Exercises Get Super-Fast Results!

Hi Nick, I have several of your other programs and I use your exercises myself and also to train my clients at the gym (which has made me the most popular trainer--LOL--but no lie). I like your methods the best for helping my clients attain more functional fitness and also to get super fast results--which is really what we ALL want! Thanks!"

Dawn Dominick

Exercise Gems in Here!

Thank you Nick, I am super impressed with your program. I am a personal trainer and this is all I do every day all day. I can tell you put a tremendous amount of time into this program. There are a few exercise gems that are easily worth the price of the program three fold. Thank you so much!"

Paul White

Now I Want to Make You an Offer You Can't Refuse...


10 Bucks...That's It!


You'll get EIGHTEEN of my simple stomach-flattening, waist-tightening, back-pain-reducing exercises that you can do ANYWHERE, just like the one you tried out above...that's literally less than 50 cents per exercise that has the potential to change your life...


You'll get large HD videos of me demonstrating and talking you through ALL of these exercises so you know EXACTLY what you're doing, every step of the way.


You'll get my best straightforward advice on the easiest ways to burn fat, without turning your life upside down or spending hours in the gym.


And you'll get my FULL support and HELP...if you have any questions, I'll make sure you get all the help you need to get the results you want.





This price is NOT going to last forever, though...

Right now, the price is dirt cheap because I've just started introducing this simple and powerful "30-Second Ab-Solution" training system to the world. I want to get it into the hands of as many deserving people like you as possible.

When I DO raise the price, though, it'll happen without notice...and I don't want you to be left hanging, thinking "I'll just pick it up tomorrow" and suddenly the price jumps up.



Which is why I'll take ALL the risk
off you NOW with a full 60-day
money-back guarantee...

Youl'll have a full 60 DAYS to test drive this system...use the exercises, and SEE the results...in the mirror, in how your clothes fit, and in how you feel about yourself.

And if you're not satisified...you'll get a full and complete refund of every penny...no questions asked. Boom. Done. No hard feelings. No stress. No worries.

I want you to feel confident that there's truly NO risk on you for trying this system out.



That's my promise to you when you pick
up your "30-Second Ab-Solution"...

Click here to get the 30-Second Ab-Solution



What happens if I don't try this system?

Well, that's simple, too. Nothing changes.

Everything stays exactly the same.

Your stomach will stay right where it is, out in front of you where you can keep an eye on it ;)

Your waist will won't get any tighter and you'll still have to adjust your pants around the bulges.

Your back pain...that won't go away. It'll still hurt when you bend over to tie your shoes...it'll still hurt to pick things up (like your child or grandchild).

And I'll be honest with you...you also won't know how much better it all COULD be, just by taking a few minutes a day to do these simple exercises.


To me, the bottom line is this...

Speaking as a long-time experienced personal trainer, strengthening your abdominal muscles is the FASTEST way to start making meaningful changes in how you look and how you feel.

It's the first place you should start.

And this system is the BEST way to do it, quickly AND easily.






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